Continuity Manager is an intuitive, flexible and powerful Business Continuity Management system that enables you to manage and follow up your organization’s BCM work in one single place. Based on many years of practical experience working with BCM in different organizations, Continuity Manager focuses on the essentials in getting BCM operational. With a user friendly interface it makes it easy to keep track of critical products and services, determine requirements and follow up status. Continuity Manager makes the BCM effort easy and effective for all involved parties in the organization.

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BCM consulting services

Our consulting services complement Continuity Manager, covering all aspects of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

BCM Maturity Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Risk Assessment
BCM Strategy and Road Map
BCM Governance
Business Continuity Planning
Training & Awareness
Test & Validation

BCM Software:

Continuity Manager

An intuitive, flexible and powerful BCM software that enables the management and steering of your BCM in one single place!

About us

Continuity Manager is part of Peer Value's Business Contininuity Management (BCM) offering focused at ensuring that our customers businesses are available to meet their short and long term objectives. Our BCM services take a holistic approach, ranging from assessment and advisory to leading strategy and establishment activities.

Continuity Manager

We offer BCM tooling solutions to increase compliance, support governance and reporting and to reduce business risks. We often find ourselvs in long term relationships with our customers, where we serve as a Business Continuity Managament partner providing the needed support over time. We have long experience from working with BCM at a wide range of customers, from mid size to leading international companies. We never compromise on the delivery to our customers, high quality and a lasting value is at the heart of our business.

Business Continuity Institute ISO 22301:2012

We are certified members of the Business Continuity Institute, and the methodologies employed in the delivery of our services and in our tooling solutions are based on best practices and standards, such as ISO 22301:2012 and BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG 2013).